BeneCare Benefits Everyone

BeneCare Dental Plans is the original, the largest, the most experienced and the most innovative open panel Independent Practice Association ("IPA") of Dental Professionals in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern United States.  BeneCare's IPA based dental plan networks are owned, controlled and operated by the dentists who provide dental care to our members.  We operate dental benefit programs on a fully-insured or self-insured basis for group sponsors in Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.  Available plan offerings vary by state.

BeneCare Benefits:  Members

  • Accessibility to over 10,000 practitioner access points and growing.  Members are never assigned to primary care dentists; members may choose from any in-network dentist without restriction.  Referrals are never required for specialty care.
  • Genuine coverage from day one without waiting periods or other conditions.

BeneCare Benefits:  Dentists

  • Fee-for-service reimbursement schedules aligned with dentists' prevailing charge expectations.
  • Participating dentists are incented to maintaintheir traditional, close dentist-patient relationships with a reimbursement model that encourages dentists to provide comprehensive care.

BeneCare Benefits:  Plan Sponsors

  • Customization:  our programs are tailored to each plan sponsor so that they can maximize their benefits while minimizing costs;
  • Value based benefits that members can access and use!  Groups of 25+  get what they are paying for and don't pay for more than they need.

BeneCare Benefits:  Brokers 

  • Flexibility:  Plans can be configured to use a variety of reimbursement levels targeting sponsors' budgets and desired cost basis with IPA in-network only , point-of-enrollment PPO, and point-of-service PPO options;
  • Competitive commission levels, multi-year guarantees available for large groups;
  • Objective plan design optimization, and utilization and disruption analysis consulting services available at no additional charge;
  • Service:  Brokers, Sponsors, Members and Dentists are supported by a dedicated team of dental benefits administrative support specialists with an average tenure of 18 years.  We maintain the highest levels of service standards in the industry.  Our website provides comprehensive secured access to benefits, claims, provider network and plan maintenance tools for everyone.  Our service levels are best-in-class with responsive toll-free constituent services, fast claim adjudication turn-around times and extremely prompt claims payments.



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