Dental benefits are often treated as an afterthought...

At BeneCare, our focus is dental benefits only.

We've been doing this almost four decades

and it's ALL we do - all day every day!



BeneCare Benefits: Dentists

BeneCare Dental Plans is the original, the largest, the most experienced and the most innovative open panel Independent Practice Association ("IPA") of Dental Professionals in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern United States.  BeneCare's IPA based dental plan networks are owned, controlled and operated by the dentists who provide dental care to our members.  We operate dental benefit programs on a fully-insured or self-insured basis for group sponsors in Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.  Available plan offerings vary by state.

  • Fee-for-service reimbursement schedules aligned with dentists' prevailing charge expectations;
  • Participating dentists are incented to maintain their traditional, close dentist-patient relationships with a reimbursement model that encourages dentists to provide comprehensive care.

BeneCare Benefits Everyone!

At BeneCare, we take pride in having a highly satisfied network of dentists and continue to grow our provider network.  If you are interested in becoming a BeneCare participating dentist or have questions, please call our Provider Relations Hotline at (800) 995-9943.  


  • “… I have to take the time to express my appreciation for all of the Customer Service Representatives.  I speak to many insurance companies but have never gotten the level of service as compared to BeneCare.  Everyone at BeneCare is so pleasant and helpful.”           

        -  Barbara, Provider’s office staff member

  • “… I love BeneCare, I can’t say enough about everyone there, especially Joanne!  They always ask how I am doing or if I need assistance with anything before ending the call…”

    - Debra, Provider’s office staff member

  • “I am so impressed with the Customer Service Representatives at BeneCare.  From the greeting to the resolutions, they are always friendly, polite and happy to assist.  If they don’t know something and say they will return the call after researching, they always do - and in a timely manner!  These days, so many people in the customer service industry barely say hello, especially insurance companies.  But not BeneCare…”

    - Karen, Provider’s office staff member

  • “… All of your representatives are equally polite, thorough and go out of their way to assist, which is not always the case with companies…”

    - Pat, Provider’s office staff member

  • “Thank you so much for the assistance!  I have to let you know the person who initially took the call was wonderful, being in customer service, it is such a nice surprise…”

    - Helen, Provider’s office staff member

  • “… I call many companies, but not often do representatives like Deb stand out…”

    - Liz, Provider’s office staff member

  • “Thanks so much for your personal attention, you go above and beyond…”

    - Diane, Provider’s office staff member

  • “Top of the Line’ representative, Nancy.  She is a great help and makes my day easier!”

    - Diane, Provider’s office staff member

  • “… must take the time to compliment Joanne for her patience and helpfulness.  It was the most pleasant experience, thank you, Joanne!”

    - Pat, Provider office staff member

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